2017 Arctic Bay and Resolute Bay Community Visits

Colby O’Donnell, youth advocacy specialist for the Representative for Children and Youth’s Office (RCYO), arrived in Arctic Bay in March 2017, where he had the opportunity to meet with many wonderful people, including some of the health care professionals that have been long standing community members for well over a decade. Their experience and knowledge of the community guided Colby’s interactions with the children and youth during his visit. Colby also presented to the Inuujaq School students about children and youth’s rights and was very thankful for the excellent support he received from Robyn Qaunaq, a high school student who provided interpreting services in Inuktitut. Colby’s community visit in Arctic Bay ended with a meeting with the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut; Isaac Shooyook who shared his vision about the direction of Nunavut and his hopes for young Nunavummiut. In Resolute Bay, Colby was pleased to participate in the Qarmartalik School’s breakfast program and had the opportunity to meet the dedicated staff who come in early every morning to provide food for some of the children and youth in the community. Colby presented to the students about the RCYO and the importance of children and youth’s rights and was very impressed by the beautiful artwork showcased at the school. During his community visit, Colby met with many key government service providers and community members to hear about matters affecting the children and youth of Resolute Bay. Colby was delighted to have had the chance to meet with the community members of Arctic Bay and Resolute Bay and he looks forward to continue to work with them all for the advancement of children and youth’s rights in Nunavut.