RCY's Visit to Rankin Inlet

Kaajuk Kablalik, a child and youth advocacy specialist, recently visited Rankin Inlet with Sharon Reashore, our director of child and youth advocacy services. This is what Kaajuk said about his visit:

“This travel was supposed to be to Naujaat, but didn’t happen that way due to Mother Nature and her power. Instead, Sharon and I ended up in Rankin Inlet. It was a nostalgic experience for me as I had lived most of my life there!

During my visit, I went to the schools to speak with the children about our office and what we do. A lot of the children seemed to recognize me because my older brother is a student support assistant at the middle school and we look alike. The students and school staff were welcoming and, thankfully, they were all able to accommodate me on such short notice.

I also set up a table at the co-op store. It was great because I knew about 80 per cent of the people that came and talked with us. This made the experience enjoyable for me because it was easy to speak to those who were interested. The experience was a good one in the eyes!”